M4T is the laeding enterprise in Korea, engaged in cutting-edge bio and medical R&D.


Welcome to M4T

M4T is the leading enterprise in Korea, engaged in cutting-edge bio and medical R&D, and renown as leader in the field of 3D bio printer and 3D scaffold. It is fully dedicated to biomedical science and regenerative medecine and offers opportunities for both medical researchers and companies.

Forerunner in 3D bio printer and 3D scaffold

To date, M4T has developed over 200 pieces of equipment for various sectors of industry. Among them are 3D bio printer and 3D scaffold that well attest to essence of M4T's capability. Now M4T is ready to take a great leap forward.
M4T is willing to go hand-in-hand with whoever dares to explore uncharted territory. Let us work together to open a new horizon of technology, and make great strides for the brighter future of humans.
We give thanks to our precious customers again and we hope you and your family would be happily ever after.
Thank you.

All the executives and employees of M4T

  • 3D Bio Printer

    Keeps high pressure, inhaling and temperature accuracy and precisional scaffold for tissue engineering is available.

  • 3D Scaffold

    Using 3D scaffold, you could apply it to stem cell, tissue engineering study, drug discovery and development of new medicines. And it will be also used as experiments and R&D areas and its territory will be expended to cell cultivating related areas also.

  • 3D Bio-ink Printer

    Possible to discharge a fixed quantity regardless of viscosity change and differential head : Even if there is a change of liquid viscosity and differential head in the vessel due to external environment, exact discharge is available.

  • 3D Ceramic Printer

    Ceramic 3D Printing Equipment is the one designed for excellent discharge response using a screw type dispenser so possible to discharge exactly the high viscosity materials such as ceramic ones difficult to discharge by Air and to inject them precisely through 5-axis motor and nozzle control. Also, different 2 more materials each other can be used separately or by mixing so it is the equipment possible to inject with user’s requiring materials.

  • 3D Bio-Organoid Printer

    Through precise and diverse testing of materials, the field ideas of doctors are used for industrialization through research-oriented hospitals for the development of artificial heart, reconstruction device, bone replacement, and soft tissue treatment to be used in the future.

  • R&D

    Research, develop and manufacture customized equipment through cooperations with customers.